Standing at 94

“Build your Church Lord; make us strong as we carry on with your work”

Before the Church was built many people in the local Birmingham area had to travel to church services in the City Centre at a church based in Graham Street.

The church in Graham Street closed and some of the congregation (about 45 or so) agreed to build a local church, which would be easier to get to.

The land was bought with money raised from donations.

In 1923 the Church Hall was the first part to be built.  The work on the actual Church, however, did not take place because the Second World War broke out and the Government of the day suspended all building work.

The Church was opened on 11 April 1923 by Henry Woodward, a member of one of the founding families.

The congregation however, used the Church Hall for worship and after the war ended continued to use the Church Hall – the Sanctuary in which we now meet today.

The money to build the original Church was still held in the bank and in the 1970s the Church was told the money must be used for building work or it would be taken back.   Hence, the “New Room” as it is known by, was built; because of inflation what was in the bank could not build the Church.  Apparently the Church itself would have been built on what is now used as the car park and the land used for the New Room.

Many of the founding members have now left us, but we thank them for the vision they had.   The Church is here today and we continue to meet and worship together in the building that started from a small beginning.

Currently, our Building Fund has enabled us to carry out much needed external work and with continued fundraising efforts we hope to update facilities and renovate internally.

Please pray for us.

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